Wednesday, January 23, 2008

ALA - week 1

I am a member of ALA (American Library Association) and thus get weekly newsletters. I rather enjoy these, so I thought I'd post my favorite links here:

DDR to pay library fines
Library of Congress puts 3,000 images on Flickr
A reading eccentric (a satire)
Make the most of Google Calendar

Tune in next week for more great library-esque links.


Please... teach your children.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Alleyettes

This picture is the wallpaper on my computer at work in SLC. I laugh every time I see it. It reminds me of how much I miss the Lab and Bowling Night. (And, in turn, Basket Weaving, though, not really related.) This picture was taken one crazy night last Winter Semester during a bowling league I had joined with three of my co-workers: Shana, Laurel, and Teresa. It started when a cute boy from a rival team that we had become friends with decided to play a bunch of arcade games before bowling began and won a bunch of tickets which he promptly gave me. Having close to 100 tickets to spend, I bought 8 sticky lizards and gave them to my team and theirs. Plus a handful of fruities for us all to eat. Needless to say, we had far too much fun with the sticky lizards. Tragically, Teresa wasn't there that night. Which really just meant we got to have a lot more fun at work the next day when we gave it to her.

I miss you guys dearly. But I'm really excited for this semester! Laurel and I have decided to start the bowling league up again, this time bringing on Tricia and Kara from the Lab. We'll once again have a team of bowlers from the Dungeon that I miss so much. It will be much fun. This time, though, we need matching team shirts. It just must be done.

A day in review

The alarm on my phone went off this morning at 5:00 am. And 5:05. Again at 5:10. Then 5:15. Finally, at 5:20 I got up and turned it off. (That was the last time it would have gone off anyway before turning itself off.) Instant debate--get ready or reset my alarm and go back to bed? Grudgingly, I headed off to the bathroom. By 5:50 I was dressed and ready and had the 3 inches of snow scraped off of my car.

First stop, gas station. Whoever invented the rule that you shouldn't get back in your car while filling up with gas should be beaten and flogged with a wet noodle. Publicly. Twice. So cold this morning... I've noticed recently that gas pump nozzles come with all sorts of warnings on them, one of which being, "Do not top off." The idea of not topping off reminds me of my trip to Pennsylvania in 9th grade when we picked up Jalin off her mission, and I learned that topping off your gas tank is illegal there. Such an odd concept, really. My parents have always topped off their gas tank. I followed suit and have always topped mine off as well. Today I was considering this as I stood, in a skirt, in the freezing cold and decided that I would only top off my gas tank enough to make either the gallons or the price end in zeros. The pumping stopped... exactly at $36.00. When does that ever happen? Huh. Guess I wasn't supposed to top it off.

That reminds me, the person who decided I have to wear a skirt every day should also be beaten and flogged with a wet noodle. Publicly. Twice. It had to have been a man; I'm sure of it. I knew I have been wearing skirts for too long when I got dressed yesterday, a holiday. I looked in my closet and my eyes landed immediately upon my skirts to decide which to choose today.

The drive to Salt Lake was rather uneventful. (Well, except the time I switched lanes and headlights appeared out of nowhere directly behind me and scared me to death. I could have died. I'm not sure why I continue to drive.) I decided to drive today so that I could bring Kristy some clothes that I pulled out of my closet yesterday with the intent to give away or take to DI. I realized this morning that the point was moot as I wasn't sure if Carli had looked through them yet, and I had promised her first dibs, since she has given me so many clothes. I decided to drive anyway. Sure, I could have taken the early bus, but I still would have been stuck here until the first bus home at 4:15, and I really had no desire to work for 9 hours today.

I parked under the Conference Center at 6:50. The intersection at Main and North Temple is an interesting one indeed. There are four directions, but one is to the underground parking under Temple Square, and you can only turn in and out of it... you can't drive straight in or out. It makes the pedestrian lights really odd, too. If you don't get there at just the right moment, you could be standing on street corners for a very long time. Like I did this morning. I got there (the northwest corner) just as the west pedestrian light (crossing North Temple) finished blinking its little hand at me. Immediately thereafter, the east pedestrian light (also crossing North Temple) turned from the red hand to the white man as the North/South facing traffic was allowed to turn right and only right. Also as I sat there freezing on the wrong corner. Finally, it ended and the light changed for North Temple traffic to go on their way and my little white guy showed up, allowing me to cross Main street heading east. That is the longest light ever. Or, at least it seems that way when your fingers are falling off dues to frostbite. The light turned again, so now the south-facing traffic from Main street was allowed to turn, either left or right. The north-facing parking lot people... no luck. But, the people crossing North Temple on the west side got to cross the street. Me, wanting to cross on the east side? Also no luck. Again, I was stuck on the wrong corner. I sat there counting down the 17 seconds of the red flashing hand on the other side of the street and was surprised to see the left turn arrow turn yellow when there were 3 seconds left counting and then red before the hand changed from a flashing 1 to a solid hand. The newest red light allowed the parking lot-leaving people (who at 7 am are none) were allowed to turn left, which also allowed me to cross the street. Finally.

There's a man who stands outside the COB every morning in a little booth with a big space heater in front of him. He seems to be guarding the driving ramp that goes under the COB. I would think he directs traffic, except it's only one way. And he's never there when I leave in the afternoon. I wonder what he does. Y'know, besides freeze. I also wonder where that driving ramp goes...

A long while ago I got on the elevator at work and two girls were on there, talking. One girl was explaining to the other the fun game of Elevator Bingo. Basically, when you get on the elevator, if three buttons in a row are pushed (vertically, horizontally, or diagonally) you're guaranteed to have a good day. I remember back in middle school, Anna Frecker and I spent hours playing Tic Tac Toe and figuring out strategy to always win. From that point on I have never lost at Tic Tac Toe. I either win or there's a Cat. (Who ever decided that the word 'cat' would be good terminology for a tie? And why is it only used in Tic Tac Toe?) There's a set-up guaranteed a win (Actually, there are a few, but one specifically that matters to this story): Bottom left corner, bottom right corner, top right corner. That way, if the other person puts their mark in the bottom center to block you, you can get the right center or the center-center. Basically, no matter where they place their mark to block you, you have two other options to still win. Even if they already have one taken, you still have a guaranteed win. Anyway, point is, I got into the elevator today and looked at the buttons to see if I was guaranteed a good day. 3, 5, and 11 were pushed. Any guesses as to where that would land if the bottom 9 squares (minus the bottom row) were a Tic Tac Toe board? Yup - bottom left, bottom right, top right. So... I guess that means I'm not 100% guaranteed a good day, I still have choices to make it such, but, if it doesn't turn out that way, I have no one to blame but myself. Apparently I would have to try to make this day not good. Or be completely oblivious and very unlucky.

It's now 8 am. I have successfully looked at all new emails, even doing something about several of them. I have downloaded many new books for me to load for Ft. Wayne and am currently extracting them to the server. And I've written this blog (forgive the length... I was really going to try to keep my posts short. But sometimes, stories take over my conciseness-goals.) Today I have in coming: End-of-year performance review with my boss (time unknown), a meeting at 9:30, lunch around noonish, departure for home around 3, a nap for an hour-ish so that I can stay awake during the 6:20 session tonight for ward temple night, then to show up late for our weekly family Ticket to Ride night online. (Attending: Mom, Jalin, Travis and Me. Also available, room for one guest. Usually Jessica. Perhaps Stephanie?) Then it's time to do my nightly sit-ups and scripture reading and finally... bed.

What a busy day. Gotta love Tuesdays. I was also invited to a weekly movie night tonight, but I don't think I'll be able to squeeze it in.

Monday, January 21, 2008

A day to be remembered

Dear Jalin and Brett ~

Tonight, I made gravy. And fried chicken. And mashed potatoes.

But the gravy was the important part.

Just so you know.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Ring out wild bells

Well, it's officially 2008. I finally got used to writing 2007 (we'll ignore those few instances when I wrote 2005 or something else ridiculously silly) and here it is, time to change again.

2007 was a great year. Quick year in review:

- Last [real] semester in school. Killer semester. In fact, I was registered for the killer class of death.
- Wrote a 21 page paper using Hogwarts (from Harry Potter) to teach Ancient Near Eastern Temple Typology. Most amazing paper of my life. Really... I sat in the library listening to the Harry Potter soundtracks, searching through the Harry Potter Lexicon, and still felt productive... even during the most stressful times of the semester. For the record, that paper determined my entire grade for my Senior Research class. And I got an A.
- Wrote an 11 page exegetical paper on Genesis 38. If any of you know what Genesis 38 is about, you'll probably think me a heathen or something right now. But let me assure you, I am nothing of the sort. I would have no qualms letting my bishop read said paper. It is in our scriptures, folks. Perhaps it's there for a reason.
- To combat the stress of such a killer semester, I took Basket Weaving (yes, folks, it does exist) and joined a bowling league.
- I finally graduated! I now have a Bachelors of Art in Ancient Near Eastern Studies.
- I fulfilled my lifelong dream of going to Jerusalem. Not only did I go, but I lived there, too! Both as a study abroad, and then as individual travelers with my brother, Travis. (I don't feel as though I need to go into more details on this one, since the rest of my blog prior to these last two posts is dedicated solely to this excursion.)
- I finally broke my two-week dating curse. There is hope for me, folks.
- I got a full-time job working for the Church. ("Which church?" asked former roommate, Kiley. "Ummm... ours," says I.)
- I've lasted 5.5 months as Relief Society president.
- I'm growing out my hair for Locks of Love. I'm realizing that I may actually like my hair long. This thing I had not fathomed since around 7th or 8th grade.
- I've eaten lunch with Pres. Monson twice. (Story from the latest lunch to come soon.)
- I live with two of my favorite people ever. (One of my other favorite people lived with me until February.) I couldn't ask for better roommates.
- I live in the coolest house ever. Back yard and front yard. Two living rooms. Dishwasher, washer and drier, A/C, heater, a hidden cellar, and a place for a garden which I've planted two years in a row now. It's also close to campus with fairly decent rent. Oh sure, we struggle with getting anything repaired... it took 6 weeks to get our bathroom sink fixed... but I still love living here.
- I totaled my car. Caused a 4-car pile-up on the freeway during rush hour. I even made my former boss late for a meeting. I am now known to one of our vendors as the girl who totaled her car and still came to a work luncheon. (Really, how else would I ever eat a $25 meal for free?)
- I got a new (to me) car. It's actually Damian's old car. His name is Charlie. He's not my old car, to be sure, but I'm slowly becoming fond of the guy.

And many, many, many other things. It's been a happy year... hope 2008 is great as well.