Monday, April 28, 2008

The ring

So... now people want a picture of the ring.  I think this is valid.  Ask and ye shall receive.

And for a picture

So... apparently people want a picture. This is the picture currently on the wallpaper of my computer. It was taken last weekend when BJ came home with me and was put to work on the farm. He'll stick with computers; I shan't complain. :)

We told him to wear grubby clothes... something he wouldn't mind getting all dirty. We are all amused at his choice of shirt. Yes, the choice was on purpose. :)

Oh they say when you're married in June...

That's right, I'm engaged. :) Here's the nutshell version of a story... I'll write more later.

BJ and I were friends for about 8 months when I went to Jerusalem. While there, I was trying to convince him to come to Israel with Travis. He decided he couldn't do it. (Admittedly, it was only a few weeks away.) I told him he'd never have another chance like this. He said he could go to Jerusalem again. I told him, "Not with me!" He replied, "Then I'll make you a deal. You marry me, and I'll take you to Jerusalem on our honeymoon." Thus our fake engagement was born. I even bought an olive wood ring for our engagement ring.

10-11 months later... he had I have been dating off and on since I got back from Jerusalem. Saturday night we went out for a walk and looked at many very beautiful flowers along the way. At one point he asked, "Do you remember how I said I would take you to Jerusalem for our honeymoon?" "Yeah." "Well, that probably won't happen. So, in lieu of that, I brought a bit of Jerusalem to you." With that he pulled out an olive wood ring (that had actually been in Jerusalem two days prior) and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes. Then he realized he was supposed to do this on his knees, so he knelt down and asked me again. I laughed and again agreed.

We're planning on getting married June 20 in Timp. Yes, we realize that's really soon, but it was either June 20 or September. We went for June.

More info to come later when I'm not at work or going crazy. :)

Monday, April 7, 2008

I shouldn't do this. I should use my being not yet quite caught up on Jerusalem as an excuse not to do this. (Speaking of, Travis, would you just edit that last post already so I can post it?!) I don't do the whole tagged thing. I think I've caught myself being tagged about 3 times now that I've tactfully ignored. I have no idea why I'm doing this now. Manna, I blame you. But oh well, here we go.

10 Years Ago
Let's see... I would have been 14. That puts me as a Freshman in high school. I probably just got my first letter or two from Sterling, the boy from Teton High. Y'know, the one I met at a district basketball game just a few months prior (February) when I got his autograph. I was just getting into Scholastic Bowl and loving being in the pep band. I'm convinced I was only third chair (out of 3) because I was a freshman girl and they were senior boys. Oooh... this is probably around the time that I slapped the one of them at a game, too. I was very feminist at this point in my life. All boys were considered jerks, and no one could convince me otherwise. This was helped along by Richard Norman, the biggest male chauvinist I have ever met. Though, looking back, I think he just did it to get a rile out of girls... not because he meant it. And he sure succeeded. I had the greatest friends ever. I still miss all of you, my high school friends. Sometimes I wish I could just go back and spend a day with you all in Mrs. Packebush's classroom, stealing (with loving permission) her Altoids. Or perhaps in Bro. Toone's classroom turning beet red as he teased me about some boy or another, or watching The Bell Show. (Which, btw, I bought. So if any of you want to watch it again...) Or maybe with Mrs. Freeman, making her really mad at us. Or with Coach Andreason, laughing as the boys' had their heads slammed into the wall, sometimes with a guest appearance by Mr. Gardner with his ring or stapler.

Oh, also, I got my drivers license. Watch out world.

5 Things on my To-Do List
  1. Finish the quilt I started making 2 summers ago.
  2. Attach my bookcase to the wall. Then transfer books from the old bookcase and put the old one in my closet for my shoes.
  3. Clean the kitchen from the crazy mess I made Saturday for Conference meals. (Oh, but the syrup was good.)
  4. Wait for it to stop snowing, then go prep my ground for my garden.
  5. Buy the complete Jane Austen series that PBS has been airing. Anyone have an extra $175 they'd like to spend on me? I'll even give you the A&E Pride and Prejudice that comes with it, since I already own that one.
3 Bad Habits
  1. Blogging at work.
  2. Dishes. Or rather, not doing them.
  3. Over-analyzing situations. Though, I'm getting much better at not doing that. Much easier when people are honest, leaving no room for guessing.
Places I have lived
  • Ririe, Idaho
  • Rexburg, Idaho
  • Urumqi, China
  • Provo, Utah
  • Jerusalem, Israel
Jobs I have had
  • American Greetings
  • Waitress at Big Juds. (Y'all should print off that coupon and see if they'll accept it. I'll bet they do. Jud would hate me if I knew I was actually advertising using expired coupons, but hey--when you put up coupons on your website that expired a year ago...)
  • Computer Science grader
  • Math grader
  • Social Pre-press Typesetter for ArtCo
  • Making videos for a Welch professor at BYU
  • Making phone calls at ILP.
  • Digital Imaging Lab in Special Collections at BYU
  • Digitizing Family History books for the Family History Department of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. My official title is Cataloger (which is ridiculous as I don't catalog) but my business cards say Digital Imaging Specialist. Which I like so much better.

5 Things You Don't Know About Me
  1. I'm trying to grow out my hair. It's past my shoulders (barely) for the first time in many, many years.
  2. I want to write a book. The Old Testament for Dummies or something.
  3. I've taken up rock climbing and I want to go hiking. (Surprised, everyone?) But I can't do either right now because I tore my MCL and pulled the meniscus away from the bone in a snowmobiling accident a month and a half ago.
  4. I love dressing up all fancy. Perhaps it's the little girl in me that still wants to be a princess.
  5. I'm dating the guy I talked about in this post and am rather happy about it.

(Thanks for the pic, Stacie!)

Now for the Tagging
  • No one! That's right. I'm not tagging anyone. Get over it.

Friday, April 4, 2008

I walked into the living room a moment ago to witness this sight:

Her response? "What, you've never done this?"

No. No, I sure haven't.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Looking for a traveling companion

Ok, this is a cry for help. My work is sending me to France June 2-6 for training. I have someone staying with me until the 8th to sightsee in part of France. Then she's going home. I think it's an awful waste of a trip to Europe to sightsee for only one day, so I want to stay later. But I'm a big fat chicken and I don't want to tour Europe by myself. Thus, I am looking for a traveling companion for approximately the dates of June 8-14 (the ending date is more negotiable than the beginning date) for any place in Europe. I'm kind of leaning towards London right now. I would not be opposed to Paris. If someone would go to Norway with me, I would bless them forever. However, in exchange for a traveling companion, I would be open to most any location.

Here's the clincher. I'm supposed to book my flight today. April 3rd. So I would need to know where I'm flying from and how long I am staying. By today. During business hours. Help!

ALA #3

10 Questions Every Blogger Should Ask
Itty Bitty Projector
Copyright Slider
Fired for Calling the Police on Child Porn?

My commentary for this post is on the last article. At first I was outraged. How could they possibly fire someone for calling the police on a patron looking at child porn on a library computer? There are not words to describe my feelings on this. Next I was pacified when they said they had other reasons to fire her (she was in a probationary state anyway.) Well, not totally pacified, but much less angry. I can see how it's possible that two things happened at the same time. Granted, the other thing had better be something really good to fire her over just one week before her probationary time was over. Really, they couldn't have waited one week and avoided all the bad press that was certain to come out of it? If they are telling the truth, however, I kind of feel bad for them having to deal with bad press on something that is completely valid. If they are not telling the truth, however, my blood pressure levels will rise back up to the initial reaction. In fact, to keep y'all from having to read yet another soapbox, I'm just gonna stop my rant here.