Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Room Service

I got breakfast this morning via room service. (Question: how much should you tip room service people?) Here's a bit of our conversation as I filled out my receipt:

RS: Is this your first time in Philidelphia?
Me: Second. But the first time I was, oh, about 13. So I don't remember much.
RS: [laughs] Where are you from? What city?
Me: (knowing that he'll have no idea where "Ririe" is, I decide to go for the state.) Idaho.
RS: Idaho? I've heard of this. [pause] Is it an island?
Me: [stifles a laugh] No. Do you know where California is?
RS: Oh yes, California!
Me: It's north of that.

As he left the room I heard him muttering to himself, "Idaho... Idaho..."


Kim said...

Do they seriously not teach geography anymore? People can be so dense.

The Dipo's said...

Ummm... was this guy not from America or something?

Alicia said...

That is hilarious.